Meall Biotechnology, finalist at BBVA & Grupo Joly Sustainable Innovation Awards 2021 (Spain).

Ahimsa fungi protein concentrate

“Our concentrate is a functional dog food that has been carefully selected to provide complete, balanced, and 100% vegan nutrition. All ingredients are suitable for human consumption”.

Dra. Liliana Londoño

Head of Innovation


Producing the Ahimsa fungi-protein concentrate is 90% less environmentally impactful than producing animal-based protein such as beef. It requires significantly less water, land and emits way less CO2 to the atmosphere.


Ahimsa is an ancient Indian principle of non-violence, non-injury, and respect for life which applies to all living beings. Through our product and brand, we aim to help many people in Europe to learn about and incorporate this wonderful principle into their and their dog’s life. That is why our name is Ahimsa Dogs and that is why we’ve named our ingredient “Ahimsa protein” because it’s 100% cruelty-free. All our other ingredients are also ethnically sourced.


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Fungi naturally generate the umami taste which dogs, as well as humans, can’t resist. Allow your dog to indulge in the taste of our products.

About us

Paloma Nisola

Founder Communications, Business Development, Marketing

Dr. German Bolivar

Scientific co-Director

Dr. Liliana Londoño

Head of Innovation

Dr. Cristina Ma del S Ramirez Toro

Scientific co-Director

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